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Photos from Mount Aso Volcano

click on an image to see it enlarged

Mt. Aso Trekker

Aso pirites

Mt Aso Horse Riding at Kusasenri Meadows

Walking near Mt. Aso

Volcanic matter

Horse riding at Kusasenri Meadows

Stromborian Eruption, 13.12

Mt Nakedake crater lake

Ash Eruption 1990

Strombolian Eruption 13/12/1990 (photo courtesy of Aso Volcano Museum)  

The seething, green lake in the crater of Mt. Nakedake

Ash eruption 1990  (photo courtesy of Aso Volcano Museum)  

Pointing things out

Ash Eruption

Lake at Kusasenri

A caravan to the centre of the Earth

Ash eruption 1990 (photo courtesy of Aso Volcano Museum) 

Kusasenri Meadows



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