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More photos from Tohoku

click any image to see it enlarged

Shamisen players.JPG (69850 bytes)

Sleeping Cat, Nikko.JPG (37640 bytes)

Schoolboys.JPG (47288 bytes)

Musicians, Hirosaki

The famous lifelike 'sleeping cat', Nikko

Schoolboys, Tokyo subway

Search.JPG (75885 bytes)

Leaving childhood.JPG (61501 bytes)

Plum Blossom.JPG (40586 bytes)

Statue commemorating the mass youth suicide on Iimori Yama, Aizu. Click here for more on this story.

Child running into shadow in a mall in Akita 

Blossom, Nikko

Akita castle model.JPG (72347 bytes)

Seaside minshuku.JPG (65705 bytes)

Kakunodate.JPG (45240 bytes)

Akita castle (model)

Seaside minshuku


Tree, Nikko.JPG (28404 bytes)

Metropolitan Govt. Building, Tokyo.JPG (53870 bytes)

Yasakuni1.JPG (26989 bytes)

Tree silhouetted beneath a temple roof, Nikko

Metropolitan Government Tower, Tokyo

Entrance to the controversial Yasukuni shrine, Tokyo

Fishing, Tokyo.JPG (66633 bytes)

Taiko1.JPG (68581 bytes)

Octopus shop.JPG (75779 bytes)

Leisure angling in a canal in Tokyo

taiko drummers (mouseover for next stroke)...

 ...not be confused with taco, octopus, as sold here in Akita

Morel.JPG (68381 bytes)

Osama T-shirt.JPG (77291 bytes)

Rail to Osore San.JPG (70428 bytes)

Morel mushroom on Haguro san mountain

T-shirts on sale, Harajuku, Tokyo

The railroad to Osore san

Dragons on Nihombashi Bridge.JPG (50683 bytes)

Phil near a train.JPG (39329 bytes)

Crab restaurant.JPG (48737 bytes)

Dragons on Nihombashi bridge, Tokyo

Somewhere north of Akita

A large crab climbs up a wall, Tokyo


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