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The Oriental Caravan's

Postcard from Kashgar

(Please click on an image to see it enlarged)

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Dear All,

After its momentous journey across the mighty Khunjerab Pass that separates the snowy mountains of the Karakorum from the sandy wastes of Chinese Turkestan The Oriental Caravan has come to rest at the desert oasis of Kashgar.

Teahouse.JPG (59292 bytes)

Taking tea at a Kashgar wayside inn

John and Bev Walking11 copyburnt.JPG (49526 bytes)

Hiking near Gulmit 

Valiantly overcoming all obstacles in their way, be they the treacherous, inching glaciers of the Himalaya or the labyrinthine vagaries of Chinese bureaucracy, all aboard the Caravan are today enjoying a welcome break before we resume are march across the Tartarian tundra.
For here in Kashgar the nightime sky is filled not just with stars but with the songs and laughter of travellers from all across Central Asia and beyond and, so too it seems sometimes, with the ghosts of caravans long since vanished into the sands of time.

Dscn02891 copy.JPG (62550 bytes)

Temporarily stuck on the KKH

Baltit window view1 copy.JPG (23258 bytes)

Looking toward Mt. Rakaposhi from the Mir's throne in Baltit Fort

Many of those in town today are traders from all over greater Turkestan and China, here for the Sunday Bazaar, the largest open air market in the world.
From here the Caravan continues across the forbidding Taklamakan Desert to the wondrous Buddhist grottoes of Dunhuang and thence to push deeper and deeper into the heart of the awakening dragon of China herself.

KKh milleage half sign1 copy.JPG (59300 bytes)

Much further? Day 1 en route to Besham.

Abdul Qayum1 copy.JPG (73610 bytes)

Abdul Qayum (above) - Gilgit's famous Spanish speaking carpet dealer.

Many thanks in particular must go to all the friends along the way, both old and new, who have helped to guide us. For all those at home and abroad please enjoy here some of the photos we've taken along the way.

Hameed T shirt copy.JPG (47392 bytes)

Hameed - sporting the latest offering from The Oriental Caravan's summer collection - a T shirt set to become de rigeur among the highways and byways of Northern Pakistan.

We'll write again soon and if at anytime you want to send an email to any of us don't forget The Oriental Caravan is online and rolling!

Copy of Brian kodaking1 copy.JPG (43652 bytes)

By jeep en route to the Hopar Glacier

Big Nose.JPG (55326 bytes)

Welcome big nose friends!

Wish you were here!
With very best wishes,

from all aboard

The Oriental Caravan

Phil with a Caravan copy.JPG (81704 bytes)

Roll up for the magical Caravan tour! It's waiting to take you away!


Baltit fort watchman1 copy.JPG (59472 bytes)

Watchman, Baltit Fort

Good Truck1 copy.JPG (59271 bytes)

Pakistani truck (J. Ludlow)

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