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Shikoku Photos

Please find below a small selection of photos taken during
The Oriental Caravan's 2006 research trip to the island of Shikoku

in the footsteps of pilgrims

Watchtower, Kotohira

Pilgrims at Ryozen-ji, first temple on the 88 Sacred Temple circuit

Central Shikoku landscape

In order to encourage more children to travel by rail enlightened train operators on the Tokushima Line have turned 1 in 3 carriages over for use as play areas 

Pagoda, Ishite-ji Temple

Chief Caravaneer Phil joins a local tour group for a day being shown the wonders of Iyadani

Bando Station on the Kotoku Line

Stilted platform of Kompira Temple

Play Area Carriage Attendant

Resident showing off a 'priest hole'
cupboard with false wall built into
a Kotohira house to hide fugitives at times of
 conflict surrounding the Meiji restoration

Shoes off for a boat ride down the Iya River!

Signs of volcanic activity
en route to Kotohira

If being pursued Heike fugitives could easily cut down their vine bridges
in order  to hinder attackers

Carp represent tenaciousness and are associated with aspiration for boys as flown here on 'Boy's Day'

Negotiating a vine bridge

Flooded rice fields in Southern Shikoku

Statue of Emperor Shotoku, first patron of  Buddhism in Japan at Zentsu-ji Temple in Kobo Daishi's birthplace

Interior of traditional house, the whole building supported by a single tree,
the beam of which attains a spiritual
significance due to its architectural importance - also, apparently, makes the house earthquake proof!

Colourful rock on display in Iya

Iya River

In the grounds of Ishite-ji Temple, Dogo Onsen

Safely over the vine bridge

Pilgrims in traditional garb, Ryozen-ji

Japanese/Western hotel room

Old bridge, Kotohira

Kitsch statues above Dogo

Local train, Southern Kyushu

Exhibited at the entrance to
the Taga Jinja Fertility Shrine, Uwajima

Copy of Brussels's most famous statue, Mannequin Pis (Jap. shoben kozo) in Oboke Valley

 Scenery on the Dosan Line

Pilgrims preparing for their journey

Religious paraphernalia, Taga Jinja Fertility Shrine, Uwajima

Sky bar in Tokushima


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