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Mount Kailash and Saga Dawa 1

Expedition to Kailash and the Guge Kingdom 2010 - details

25 Days: Kathmandu Lhasa Gyangtse Shigatse
Kailash (4 day trek) (Saga Dawa Festival)  
   Lake Mansarovar Nyalam Kathmandu

 Travel dates:  on application

28 Days: Kathmandu Lhasa Gyangtse Shigatse
Kailash (4 day trek) (Saga Dawa Festival)  
  Guge Kingdom (Tholing and Tsaparang)    
Mansarovar Nyalam Kathmandu  

Travel dates:
on application

Expedition to Kailash and the Guge Kingdom 2010 - details

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Saga Dawa Crowd.JPG (90935 bytes)

New Kailash1.JPG (36023 bytes)

Kailash99.JPG (26827 bytes)

Crowd at Saga Dawa festival

Mount Kailash as seen from Lake Mansarovar

Chiu Monastery 

Saga Dawa monks.JPG (56485 bytes)

Pilgrims en route to Kailash.JPG (50563 bytes)

Kailash in snow 1.JPG (34288 bytes)

Senior monks on their way to preside over the Saga Dawa ceremonies. 

Pilgrims en route to Kailash help their transport through the sand

Kailash in snow

Approaching the Yarlung Tsangpo.JPG (30426 bytes)

Breakfast in Tibet.JPG (41515 bytes)

Camp Kailash.JPG (42084 bytes)

En route to Kailash

Breakfast on the Roof of the World

High altitude camp

TOC_car.JPG (26016 bytes)

Support truck.JPG (32806 bytes)

Filling up en route to Kailash.JPG (50533 bytes)

TOC transport (J. Hipgrave)

The Oriental Caravan's support vehicle fords one of the many rivers along the way

Filling up in one of only two filling stations for a thousand kilometres

Mansarovar.JPG (16756 bytes)

Mansarovar1.JPG (28169 bytes)

Mansarovar wesrt bank.JPG (52865 bytes)

Lake Mansarovar (tib. Mopam Tso)

Mt Gurla Mandhata (7728m)

The western shore of Lake Mansarovar

Lake Pelkhu.JPG (42391 bytes)

Digging for medicinal earth1.JPG (50161 bytes)

Drolma La.JPG (75716 bytes)

Lake Pelkhu

Pilgrims dig for sacred medicines on the approach to Drolma La pass (5700m) 

As a symbol of leaving their old lives behind pilgrims discard old items of clothing, or even body parts, before crossing the Drolma Pass, thereby

Pilgrims.JPG (63826 bytes)

Kailash kora.JPG (38698 bytes)

Festival goers.JPG (60948 bytes)

Pilgrims during the early stages of the circumambulation pass one of Kailash's distinct four faces

Two hours out from Darchen, the start point of the kora, pilgrims come across the first of many massive walls that seem to protect the mountain

Couple, possibly from the Golok region of east Tibet

Phil with friends.JPG (54328 bytes)

Kora copy.JPG (66987 bytes)

Ice prostration.JPG (47939 bytes)

The Oriental Caravan's Chief Caravaneer, having completed the 3-day circumambulation, sits sinlessly with friends who helped him along his way

Conditions underfoot were sometimes icy. During our six day stay at the mountain there were six fatalities, mainly due to the altitude

These men were prostrating around the mountain on ice. The 16-day prostration around the mountain ensures escape from samsara for those who undertake it

Man with prayer wheel.JPG (28804 bytes)

Saga Dawa.JPG (41632 bytes)

DSCN3006.JPG (48220 bytes)

An old man spins his prayer wheel as he makes his way around Kailash

Lungta 'wind horse' prayers are thrown into the air at the time of the raising of the prayer flagpole

Oriental Caravaneers 

Tsampa throwers.JPG (47062 bytes)

Almsgiving.JPG (63937 bytes)

Horses1.JPG (41416 bytes)

'Dra Lha Sol' - the tradition of throwing tsampa (barley flour) as an offering

Almsgiving earns religious merit for the donor

Horse riders

Tsampaman.JPG (52636 bytes)

Prostration.JPG (49652 bytes)

Horses.JPG (45327 bytes)

Enthusiastic flour throwers

This pilgrim with protective wooden 'clogs' on his hands prostrates around the Saga Dawa flagpole

After the ceremonies horsemen show off their skills around the Saga Dawa pole

Girls on the Barkhor Pilgrim route.JPG (47567 bytes)

Amber_seller.JPG (43155 bytes)

Old man.JPG (42530 bytes)

Girls on the Barkor in Lhasa

Red coral salesman at 'Khampa corner' in Lhasa

Elderly pilgrim 


Tise copy.GIF (11473 bytes)


Tise - Mt.Kailash

Page from Chandra Das's 1902 Tibetan English dictionary       (click image to enlarge)

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