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The Oriental Caravan's 

Postcard from 

- supplemental photos

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bettyandtim.jpg (45192 bytes)

okuno_in.jpg (76618 bytes)

IMG_46271 copy.jpg (54357 bytes)

(courtesy of Bob Crowe)

Wooden funereal totems, Koya San

Megume 'Spectacle Bridge', Nagasaki. (courtesy of Bob Crowe)

osore_timetable.jpg (52528 bytes)

tohoku_group.jpg (44642 bytes)

dried_monk_house.jpg (70751 bytes)

Osore-san bus stop

Caravaneers in Matsushima bay

Altar housing self-made mummy, Tsuruoka

Yasakuni.jpg (39682 bytes)

yaskuni_suchow.jpg (49278 bytes)

0mile.jpg (65681 bytes)

Inscription associated with the following 
bas relief (on the approach to Yasakuni shrine, Tokyo)

Bas relief commemorating the first Japanese airman to score a kill in aerial combat over Suzhou bringing down American pilot Robert McCawley Short

'O mile' marker
 on Nihonbashi bridge.
Used by mapmakers 
for measuring distances form Tokyo

recruit1.jpg (63204 bytes)

wooden_cat.jpg (55090 bytes)

big_issue.jpg (56224 bytes)

Recruitment poster, Himeiji

Famous carving of a sleeping cat, Nikko

Japanese version of 'Big Issue'
 on sale, Kyoto

hanashiyaki.jpg (49616 bytes)

beppu_mud.jpg (40044 bytes)

film_poster.jpg (66864 bytes)

Hanayashiki Amusement Arcade,

Bush and Blair's adventure in Iraq? 
Nope! This quagmire is actually one of Beppu's strange bubbling mud pools

Film posters, Rokku, Tokyo

Zhou's poem.jpg (65897 bytes)

Hands.jpg (48906 bytes)

fungus.jpg (56997 bytes)

'Arashiyama in the Rain' - read a translation of Zhou En Lai's poem

Well preserved hands, Tsuruoka

Fungi, Hiraizumi

Kunio and Phil.jpg (47744 bytes)

Arashiyama.jpg (56469 bytes)

Maiko show1 copy.jpg (43916 bytes)

Kunio in action
(courtesy Antony Helliwell)

Arashiyama, near Kyoto

Maiko Odori, 
Cherry Blossom Dance

private dinner Kyoto copy.jpg (47446 bytes)

3_monkeys.jpg (51541 bytes)

Kyushu_plaque.jpg (52733 bytes)

Private riverside dining, Kyoto
(courtesy of Bob Crowe)

Three Monkeys, Nikko

Plaque commemorating Kyushu's historic 
first public telephone box

wedding party 2 copy.jpg (51714 bytes)

dog2 copy.jpg (60255 bytes)

sony.jpg (41879 bytes)

Shinto wedding
(courtesy of Bob Crowe)

Labrador with eyebrows 
(mouseover) -
courtesy of Mark Besford 

Sony girl
(courtesy of Bob Crowe)

fagloo.jpg (37761 bytes)

No smoking notice
(courtesy of Bob Crowe)

_long.jpg (64923 bytes)

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Trips for 2006...

Japan - the Land of the Rising Sun

Japan - the Narrow Road to the Deep North

Mongolia - a trek through the land of the Khans

Tibet - Mount Kailash and the Kingdom of Guge

Russia - a trek amidst the Shaman of the Siberian Altai

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