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The Oriental Caravan's 

Postcard from 



January 2005


drive1.jpg (33016 bytes)

Early morning in the Saharan Acacus

sand2.jpg (21642 bytes)

qasr.jpq.jpg (58712 bytes)

'Waves' on the Ubari 'sand sea'

  qasr - fortified Berber communal granary


Click on any image to see it enlarged

2dance2.jpg (58263 bytes)

sevgi1.jpg (57288 bytes)

'Headless' dancing girls -
  some of the Acacus rock art dates back 10,000 years. 


overhang3.jpg (33356 bytes)

chase.jpg (37109 bytes)

Low protected overhangs
- galleries for much of the art

Hunting dogs join the chase

archb.jpg (33512 bytes)

ring copy.jpg (48711 bytes)

Arch.jpg (44948 bytes)

Wind damaged rock

Section of pipe

Rock arch

gabraoun.jpg (31315 bytes)

head.jpg (39556 bytes)

tripoli_street.jpg (55377 bytes)

Gabraoun Lake 

Desert contemplation

Tripoli street 

auroch.jpg (72756 bytes)

Three graces.jpg (47998 bytes)


Bas relief of the Three Graces 
at the amphitheatre in Roman Sabratha

tripoli_poster.jpg (61907 bytes)

chariot.jpg (78056 bytes)

Colonel Gadhafi looks out onto Tripoli central square 
from posters heralding the Great Man Made River Project 
which is piping water from prehistoric aquifers beneath
 the Sahara to irrigate coastal farmland

Depiction of a Garamantian charioteer and chariot


hairwash.jpg (82369 bytes)

tamtamtam.jpg (27943 bytes)

giraffe_attack.jpg (44538 bytes)

Prehistoric hairdressing!


Petroglyph of a caveman with a large spear hunting two giraffes

camel2.jpg (55897 bytes)

fire.jpg (31110 bytes)

acacus1.jpg (33904 bytes)

Distant camel

Desert night

Acacus in the early morning

tree.jpg (28562 bytes)

sea.jpg (39771 bytes)

Palm tree in the Ubari area

Mosaic in the Roman port of Sabratha

apollo.jpg (38999 bytes)

back.jpg (30402 bytes)

well.jpg (43732 bytes)

Head of Apollo, Leptis Magna forum

Desert contemplation 

Town well, Gat

bones.jpg (43597 bytes)

petrol_queue.jpg (45207 bytes)

figurehead.jpg (50615 bytes)

Car passing the bones of a camel

Queues for petrol - surprisingly common

Gazelle figurehead

elephant.jpg (54881 bytes)

acacus3.jpg (48486 bytes)

hunting_scene.jpg (65566 bytes)

Pachydermic petroglyph

Site of the 'headless' dancing girl rock art

Hunting scene

oasis.jpg (27305 bytes)

leptis_amphitheatre.jpg (64270 bytes)

Ubari oasis

Amphitheatre at Leptis magna

runner.jpg (45020 bytes)

Lavisse.jpg (54272 bytes)

1dance.jpg (50702 bytes)

Headless man in a hurry!

Salvom lavisse

Another 'headless' dancing girl



escarpment.jpg (37648 bytes)

wedding.jpg (68713 bytes)

Jebel Nafusa escarpment

Wedding scene

tamtam.jpg (29600 bytes)

Dune driving

cave.jpg (45718 bytes)

camel.jpg (32472 bytes)

Acacus cave site 
(wedding scene on interior)

Camel on film

petrolfag.jpg (39282 bytes)

cliff.jpg (49477 bytes)

At the petrol station

Rock art site

dress.jpg (79255 bytes)

troglodyte.jpg (37769 bytes)

Wedding preparation

Berber troglodyte dwelling


desert_bread2.jpg (43818 bytes)

desert_bread.jpg (42776 bytes)

desert_bread£.jpg (45909 bytes)

How to make bread in the desert! 
Prepare dough (flour and water only) make a small fire on the sand. when the fire is almost embers, move embers aside.

Place flat dough on the hot sand, cover with more sand, then replace embers. Leave to bake for 20 mins (don't quote me!). 

Move embers aside and carefully remove loaf. Happily any sand falls freely away from the baked crust. Great for sandwiches. Eat immediately.

girl_goat.jpg (49727 bytes)

swastika_tile.jpg (71614 bytes)

Goat scene

Swastika mosaic floor pattern at the Roman port of Sabratha 

puffballs.jpg (42902 bytes)

protocow.jpg (40807 bytes)

pipe.jpg (49223 bytes)

Giant puffball mushrooms growing in the abandoned Dawada oasis settlement at Gabraoun

Paintings of aurochs

Narghile water pipe

mosaic.jpg (71035 bytes)

sabratha_temple_isis1.jpg (46158 bytes)

Mosaic from a Roman villa -Tripoli Jamahiriya Museum

Temple of Isis - Sabratha

couple.jpg (70262 bytes)

tea.jpg (48491 bytes)

Roundhead couple

The making of a good cup of mint tea 
is a truly elaborate process!

acacus2.jpg (36649 bytes)

That's all for now.

best wishes,

from Phil

and all aboard The Oriental Caravan


Early morning desert shadow


Trips for 2005...

Japan - the Narrow Road to the Deep North

Tibet - Mount Kailash, Home of the Gods

Russia -
a trek amidst the Shaman of the Siberian Altai

Bhutan - a Caravan through the Land of the Thunder Dragon  

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