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The Oriental Caravan's 

Postcard from 




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krem2.jpg (41173 bytes)

Kutafya Tower, Kremlin, Moscow  

group.jpg (61135 bytes)

croose.jpg (71966 bytes)

At the foot of Teke 'Goat' Waterfall, Altai

Fresco - Assumption Cathedral, Kremlin, Moscow

red_square.jpg (40894 bytes)

Kucherla_view.jpg (41476 bytes)

St Basil's Cathedral and Red Square, Moscow

First glimpse of Kucherla Lake, Altai

kremlin.jpg (42907 bytes)


OBL.jpg (71285 bytes)

greenred.jpg (49688 bytes)

Annunciation Cathedral, Kremlin, Moscow

A rogues' gallery of war criminals used as subjects for matryoshka (Russian 'dolls within dolls'), 

Moscow street scene near the Kremlin

bridge.jpg (76909 bytes)

Humanman.jpg (38349 bytes)

bell.jpg (49017 bytes)

New bridge across the Teke River, Altai

Dancing horseman (courtesy of Caitlin Kelley)

Tsar-kolokol - world's biggest bell at 202 tonnes, Kremlin. Cast in the 1730's but never rung.

Spoons.jpg (53277 bytes)

ann1.jpg (58728 bytes)

boat.jpg (64890 bytes)

Caitlin plays the spoons as TOC's chief guitar is strummed one last time - (before its crushing demise two days later!)  (courtesy of Caitlin Kelley)

Ann on the trail

Carrying our raft to the Katun River en route to the start of the trek (courtesy of Jacqui Edelman)

alexpoint.jpg (36988 bytes)

philtrek.jpg (70078 bytes)

aul.jpg (69075 bytes)

Surveying the distant snow-capped peaks  (courtesy of Caitlin Kelley)

Approaching the end of the trail...(courtesy of Caitlin Kelley)

Ail -  a traditional Altai shelter used here by hunters (courtesy of Jacqui Edelman)

Trinity.jpg (46129 bytes)

SIberia0805 081.jpg (37182 bytes)

cook.jpg (65885 bytes)

A well earned rest near the top of Karaturek Pass (courtesy of Caitlin Kelley)

"Vodka  - connecting people"

Alex tends the stove (courtesy of Jacqui Edelman)

gentian.jpg (66511 bytes)

gom.jpg (79787 bytes)

boattrio.jpg (52913 bytes)

Altai flora (courtesy of Jacqui Edelman)

Plastic cow hanging from the roof of the Gom department store

Well, it has to rain occasionally... (courtesy of Jacqui Edelman)

mac.jpg (52491 bytes)

foreign.jpg (56381 bytes)

horsetrail.jpg (58881 bytes)

This Moscow building was once home to a restaurant selling good food.

Foreign ministry, Moscow 

Horses take the strain (courtesy of Jacqui Edelman)

atop.jpg (56041 bytes)

Weed.jpg (56030 bytes)

view.jpg (46738 bytes)

Atop Oroktoy pass

More Siberian flora

Altai landscape (courtesy of Jacqui Edelman)

Katun.jpg (46300 bytes)

fire.jpg (35935 bytes)

capnboris.jpg (55819 bytes)

Katun River (courtesy of Jacqui Edelman)

Phil's guitar 1989-2005 RIP

Caitlin on the Katun, with Captain Boris on the oar (courtesy of Caitlin Kelley)

yulia.jpg (62446 bytes)

philritras.jpg (64055 bytes)

horsetraffic.jpg (48779 bytes)

Julia falls victim to an exploding jam bottle! (courtesy of Jacqui Edelman)

Newly arrived Altai resident Rita pictured outside her traditional ail home

Tiungur High Street (courtesy of Jacqui Edelman)

Cherry blossom picnic, 

Kyogen falls, Nikko

colin.jpg (41337 bytes)

boy.jpg (49700 bytes)

altfire.jpg (50249 bytes)

Merrily, merrily... (courtesy of Jacqui Edelman)

Boy on a Moscow bench

Altai fireplace

alex.jpg (53445 bytes)

mockba.jpg (51658 bytes)

cave.jpg (58974 bytes)

Alex helps with lunch

"Mockba" - street scene in Moscow

Cave in Gorno Altaisk currently being excavated after the discovery of several prehistoric 'mummies'



That's all for now, folks. Happy travels for 2006!

With very best wishes,

 from Phil

and all aboard The Oriental Caravan



philgoat.jpg (50657 bytes)

Chief Caravaneer Phil Colley
at the foot of Teke 'Goat' Waterfall, Altai 



Trips for 2006...

Japan - the Land of the Rising Sun

Japan - the Narrow Road to the Deep North

Mongolia - a trek through the land of the Khans

Tibet - Mount Kailash and the Kingdom of Guge

Russia - a trek amidst the Shaman of the Siberian Altai

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