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The Oriental Caravan's 

Postcard from 

the Southern Silk Road


September 2004


Click on any image to see it enlarged

Tourgut_approach.jpg (52161 bytes)

Approach to Turgut pass, Kyrghizstan

Kashgar_old_town.jpg (50648 bytes)

Fountain.jpg (27495 bytes)

Kashgar backstreet

Fountain and statue, 

Kyrghizstan            Kashgar           Southern Silk Road            Kazakhstan


Guards.jpg (39271 bytes)

Mausoleum.jpg (43635 bytes)

Ceremonial guards, Bishkek

Mausoleums en route to the Tourgut pass

Head_of_goat.jpg (52260 bytes)

Vegetable_family.jpg (66182 bytes)

Goat among goats

Family at Bishkek market

Burana_tower.jpg (46116 bytes)

Crescent_moon.jpg (35052 bytes)

Sign.jpg (33351 bytes)

Burana tower

Crescent moon on the fence 
of a grave, en route to Bishkek


Horses.jpg (38333 bytes)

Spiral.jpg (42085 bytes)

Marx.jpg (83315 bytes)

Steppe horses 

Outer spiral staircase 
of the Burana Tower

A bemused Marx and Engels look out across to the former headquarters of the Supreme Soviet of the Kyrghiz Republic, 
now the 'American University - Central Asia' 

Tower_steps.jpg (62865 bytes)

Sausages.jpg (48805 bytes)

Inner spiral staircase of the Burana Tower

Sausages on sale in Bishkek market

Bishkek_square.jpg (41481 bytes)

Grapes.jpg (53806 bytes)

Bishkek central square

Grapes on sale in Bishkek market



Hats.jpg (51316 bytes)

Yusup_Hazi_Hajups_tomb.jpg (45602 bytes)

Lei_Feng.jpg (34362 bytes)

Uighurs, long term residents of Xinjiang

Great Uighur poet and philosopher Yusup Hazi Hajup's tomb, Kashgar

Lei Feng taxi, Kashgar

New_Kashgar4.jpg (49331 bytes)

Fruit_garden.jpg (73902 bytes)

Bazaar.jpg (76343 bytes)

New buildings, Kashgar

Singing and dancing fruit garden

Market street (Bishkek)

Id_kah_smokers..jpg (58098 bytes)

Custodian2.jpg (42361 bytes)

Chinese tourists enjoy a cigarette 
on the steps of the Id Kah Mosque

Old Uighur Man, Kashgar

Barber.jpg (63315 bytes)

Id_kah_door.jpg (37515 bytes)

Mao.jpg (29603 bytes)

Street barber, Kashgar

Id Kah mosque minaret 
as seen through the gate of a 
backstreet development in Kashgar 

In Kashgar a statue of Mao 
beckons towards the east

Market.jpg (49581 bytes)

New_Idkah.jpg (40909 bytes)

New_Kashgar3.jpg (49713 bytes)

Street market, Kashgar

New square in front of 
Id Kah Mosque,

Kashgar Market

Spindles.jpg (60228 bytes)

Balcony.jpg (72453 bytes)

Videos.jpg (97060 bytes)

Wood turner, Kashgar

Soon to be demolished veranda 
in the old part of Kashgar

Video cassettes (in Arabic) 
on sale in Kashgar market

Kids.jpg (52008 bytes)

Bull.jpg (65679 bytes)

Young metal workers, Kashgar

Prize specimen!

Girl.jpg (52982 bytes)

Kashgari_portrait.jpg (54875 bytes)

New_Kashgar2.jpg (52408 bytes)

Kashgari girl

Mahmud Kashgari - renowned scholar and author of Divani Lughat Turk, the Grand Turkic Dictionary, the first Turkish dictionary, written in the 10th Century

New development in Kashgar

Party_building_kashgar.jpg (36001 bytes)

Dentist.jpg (48739 bytes)

Kashgar.jpg (63867 bytes)

New building, Kashgar

Dentist, Kashgar

Old town, Kashgar

Sheeps_bottom.jpg (57186 bytes)

Old_town.jpg (49962 bytes)

Id_kah_mosque_group.jpg (51158 bytes)

Sheep bottoms for sale in Kashgar Market

Old town Kashgar

Chinese tourists pose 
in the new square 
 of the Id Kah Mosque

Garlic_seller.jpg (56156 bytes)

M_Kashgari_tomb2.jpg (44732 bytes)

Garlic seller, Kashgar Market

Mahmud Kashgari's mausoleum

Mehmet_Kashgaris_tomb2.jpg (55906 bytes)

Mehmet_Kashgaris_tomb.jpg (59083 bytes)

Mahmud Kashgari's mausoleum

Mahmud Kashgari's tomb

M_Kashgari.jpg (37549 bytes)

Bitter_melon.jpg (43056 bytes)

Mahmud Kashgari's statue (Bishkek)

Bitter Melon Beer


Southern Silk Road



Tarim_fish.jpg (32549 bytes)

Hu_yang_diversiform-leaved_poplar.jpg (49721 bytes)

Mummy_korla.jpg (33434 bytes)

Beached fish on tributary 
of the Tarim River

The desert loving Hu Yang tree found in some parts of the Taklamakan

Taklamakan mummies - mummified people from an Indo European tribe said to have inhabited the Tarim basin several thousand years ago 

New_Khotan.jpg (43123 bytes)

Miran_stupa.jpg (24054 bytes)

Shopsign.jpg (41261 bytes)

Khotan (Hetian) town centre 

Temple at Miran from where Aurel Stein removed frescoes of winged angels

Istanbul Supermarket,

Cart.jpg (57586 bytes)

old_Mao.jpg (40755 bytes)

Outskirts of Khotan

Statue in the centre of Khotan of Chairman Mao 

Malikwat.jpg (42763 bytes)

Fort_temple.jpg (21899 bytes)

Malikwat ancient city, near Khotan

Tibetan temple, opposite the fort, in Miran

Dust.jpg (35812 bytes)

Miran_battlements.jpg (55458 bytes)

Gez_road3.jpg (44634 bytes)

One of many new roads under construction

Crumbling crenellation, Miran fort

Gez defile between Korla and Turpan

Yellow_brick_road.jpg (28424 bytes)

Bosten_Lake.jpg (61682 bytes)

Silk_road.jpg (31157 bytes)

Last remaining stretch of Road 218, the longest brick road ever built at 245 km, constructed during the cultural revolution

New resort set up at Bosten Lake  to provide leisure facilities for the ever increasing number of Han migrants arriving from China

New silk road under construction

Gez_road1.jpg (40787 bytes)

Cherchen_museum.jpg (31639 bytes)

Gez defile

Museum building covering the site 
of well-preserved mummies near Cherchen

Mummy1.jpg (43032 bytes)

Silk Road 2004 526.jpg (24188 bytes)

Mummified person, Xinjiang

Great Leap west

Tibetan_fort.jpg (29988 bytes)

Mosque.jpg (37338 bytes)

Tibetan fort, Miran

Mosque, Niya (Minfeng)

Shrine.jpg (62285 bytes)

Shrine2.jpg (52504 bytes)

Roadside shrines between Cherchen and Charklik

Cherchen_shards.jpg (54254 bytes)

Korla.jpg (30782 bytes)

Desert.jpg (30881 bytes)

Pottery shards, near Cherchen


Hard going in the sands 
of the Southern Xinjiang

Tarim_road.jpg (24392 bytes)

Cloud.jpg (34327 bytes)

Yusup_tomb.jpg (53982 bytes)

Highway between Charklik and Korla

Steppe cloud

Yusup Hazi Hajup's tomb (Kashgar)

Tarim_meal.jpg (52434 bytes)

Golden_Man.jpg (48866 bytes)

Lunch somewhere en route to Loulan new town

the 'Golden Man', a Sacae warriors costume 
(copy displayed)

that dates from around the 5th century BC, 
 found at
Issyk kurgan in south-eastern Kazakhstan. .

Swastika_brickwork.jpg (58355 bytes)

Yurt.jpg (45157 bytes)

Swastika patterned brickwork
Burana Tower 

Yurt erection, Kyrghizstan

Miran_bear.jpg (21649 bytes)

Turfan_hoopla.jpg (57173 bytes)

Bare landscape among the ruins of Miran

Newcomers bring variety
to the cultural life of new Turfan



Medals.jpg (52844 bytes)

Goat_hat.jpg (41766 bytes)

Golden_man2.jpg (50438 bytes)

Hero of the Great Patriotic War 
Almaty, Kazakhstan

Close-up of the Golden Man's hat 
reveals mountain goats

Golden man's costume (copy)

ITMC.jpg (38746 bytes)

Almaty1.jpg (64466 bytes)

Almaty2.jpg (61005 bytes)

Guide and driver (Kyrghizstan)

Hell to pay at the Zenkov Cathedral, Almaty

Zenkov Cathedral, Almaty

Vodka.jpg (68718 bytes)

Bucolic.jpg (36714 bytes)

Russian menu, Almaty

Cattle as seen from the Turk-Sib Express,
en route to Almaty

Flats.jpg (47529 bytes)

Memorial.jpg (34819 bytes)


War Memorial, Bishkek (Kyrghizstan)

Almaty3.jpg (63024 bytes)

Caravan_of_camels.jpg (34164 bytes)

War Memorial, Almaty

Caravan crossing the Taklamakan 
(photo of poster)

Train.jpg (40924 bytes)

That's all for the moment. The next set of photos will be from 
The Oriental Caravan's
unforgettable December desert journey through Libya. Until then, best wishes,

 from Phil

and all aboard The Oriental Caravan


Scene from the train on its long journey
 across the Kazakh steppe


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Japan - the Narrow Road to the Deep North

Tibet - Mount Kailash, Home of the Gods

Russia - a trek amidst the Shaman of the Siberian Altai

Bhutan - a Caravan through the Land of the Thunder Dragon  

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