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Ashkhabad Square.jpg (34336 bytes) Ashkhabad Monument 2.jpg (19841 bytes)

Memorial to 1948 Earthquake

 President Palace Square, Ashkhabad

Gold figure of saviour President Niyazov as a child held high by his mother, Mrs Niyazov, having thrust herself out of a despairing world on the back of a bull - in black granite.

Ashkhabad Monument 1.jpg (22566 bytes)

Turkmen Girls.jpg (37272 bytes)

President Niyazov.jpg (38518 bytes)

Gold statue of a fully grown President Niyazov revolving 24 hours a day to face the sun Turkmen girls in national dress President Niyazov's portrait sits above the Turkmen Offices of Humanitarian Law

Dancng Girls.jpg (42732 bytes)

Turkmenbashi Town.jpg (21083 bytes)

Girls Dancing.jpg (42172 bytes)

Dancing girls Turkmenbashi (former Krasnovodsk) on the Caspian coast Girls dancing


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