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15 Days: Tripoli (2nts) - Sabratha (1nt) - Sebha (2nts) - Germa - Ghat (1nt) 
- Acacus Mountains (3nts) - Ubari Sand Sea -  Gabraoun Lake (1nt) 
- Mizda (1nt) - Jebel Nafusa (1nt) - Zliten (2nts) -  Leptis Magna 

Departure: starts 21st December 2004, ends 4th January 2005

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Mesmerisingly beautiful landscapes and a lush, fertile coastline define the desert nation of Libya - a place of rare fascination and unexpected discovery, perfect for the true connoisseur of adventure travel. Populated by a friendly and welcoming people of real generosity, Libya's long and varied history has been enriched not just by Berber but also Roman, Arab, Turkic and Italian influences. The mark of the Romans, in particular, can be seen in the fantastically well preserved ruins of Leptis Magna and Sabratha. In the south the unforgettably hospitable Tuareg have somehow managed to carve out a viable home from the unbelievably inhospitable Sahara. What is now desert, however, was once fertile savannah and in the region of the Acacus mountains the rock art of early man has left an extraordinary record of an otherwise unknowable time. Today, after centuries of foreign domination, and, more recently, misinformed malignment, Libya is re-establishing itself upon the world stage as its doors begin to open wider to a new wave of visitors from afar...

Just some of the highlights...


  • Tripoli... We have two nights in Libya's cosmopolitan seafront capital and plenty of time to take in its Turkish, Italian and North African influences. Fascinating history - and some great food too!
Wander through the charming white-washed alleys of North Africa's most authentic bazaar. See the splendid architecture of Tripoli's Ottoman mosques and the remarkably well preserved Arch of Marcus Aurelius. Visit the great Jamahiriya Museum housing one of the world's most renowned classical art collections.
  • Leptis Magna... Surely one of the best preserved and most extravagantly appointed Roman cities in the whole Mediterranean and an undoubted highlight of any visit to Libya.

Pass beneath the same ornate Arch of Septimius Severus that has witnessed the passage of generations of toga-clad ancients. Roam around the opulent Hadrianic baths in which, though now dry, the imagination still has a chance to plunge into the depths of Caesarean decadence. Wander amidst the marble columns and time worn colonnades of Leptis Magna's forums, nymphaeum and basilica. 
  • Germa...  Ancient capital of the Garamantian empire
     and an important staging post for the trans-Saharan caravans of yore
Visit the important archaeological remains at Garama whose desert people were once the Saharan scourge of the Roman Legions in Africa. See the ancient 'beehive' tombs of Hatia.
  • Ghat... One of Libya's most attractive oasis towns

Stroll around this entrancing Tuareg town's evocative mud-brick medina set against a backdrop of towering sand dunes.
  • Acacus Mountains... An area of bewitching desert, dramatic rock formations and prehistoric art stretching 
    back over 12,000
We spend three nights camping beneath the desert stars, each day exploring the Acacus and gaining a vivid pictorial insight into the lives of our distant ancestors. The sophisticated inhabitants of this once fertile region left their invaluable and unforgettable mark in a legacy of colourful rock art galleries and intricately carved petroglyphs - a rare and true window on prehistory.
  • Ubari Sand Sea and Gabraoun Lake... 
    one of the most impressive expanses of sand dunes in 
    the world home to indescribably idyllic
Our Tuareg jeep drivers take us on an exhilarating 'voyage' across  endless waves of soft, rolling sand, navigating by instinct, before arriving to spend the night at the now deserted oasis hamlet of Gabraoun.
  • Jebel Nafusa... an area of rocky escarpments, 
    medieval villages and a stronghold of the proud Berber people and their ancient enduring culture
Explore the area's cliff top villages and extraordinary medieval qasr granaries and olive oil presses. Spend the night in a delightful (and comfortable!) troglodyte dwelling set deep into the earth.
  • Sabratha... An enchanting well-preserved Roman ruin
    dating from the 5th century BC
See perhaps the most well-preserved Roman amphitheatre bequeathed by antiquity. Enjoy the peace and ambience of an ancient coastal city (without the people!) and let the imagination and the legs wander back through time.


Accommodation & Meals:
Hotels (8nights); free camping (4 nights); fixed camp (1 night); troglodyte dwelling (1 night) 


14 Breakfasts, 5 lunches and 14 dinners
Mode of Travel:
All transfers and excursions by minibus or 4x4 for off-road/desert travel.
Group Size:
Minimum 7 maximum 12
Staff & Support:
English-speaking Libyan guide; desert cook; experienced local drivers; local guides at Sabratha and Leptis Magna; leader from The Oriental Caravan (Chief Caravaneer Phil Colley)
Land only price: 
1350 (GBP)    -   Single supplement, if required, 180 (GBP) 

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